Änderung der nationalen NICE Richtlinien für Autismus-Diagnostik Kinder in den UK

Die durch die Neurodivergenz-Bewegung errungenen Entwicklungen in Forschung und Praxis sind so überzeugend und etabliert - und eben nicht "fringe" - dass sie dazu geführt haben, dass die nationalen Richtlinien für pädiatrische Autismusdiagnostik für die UK 2021 wie folgt überarbeitet wurden:

1.2.7 Do not rule out autism because of:

  • good eye contact, smiling and showing affection to family members
  • reported pretend play or normal language milestones
  • difficulties appearing to resolve after a needs-based intervention (such as a supportive
    structured learning environment)
  • a previous assessment that concluded that there was no autism, if new information
    becomes available.

When considering the possibility of autism, be aware that

  • autism may be under-recognised in girls leading to underdiagnosis
  • signs and symptoms will not always have been recognised by parents, carers, children
    or young people themselves or by other professionals
  • when older children or young people present for the first time with possible autism,
    signs or symptoms may have previously been masked by the child or young person's
    coping mechanisms and/or a supportive environment
  • it is necessary to take account of cultural variation, but do not assume that language
    delay is accounted for because English is not the family's first language or by early
    hearing difficulties
  • autism may be missed in children or young people with a learning (intellectual)
  • autism may be missed in children or young people who are verbally able
  • important information about early development may not be readily available for some
    children and young people, for example looked-after children and those in the criminal
    justice system
  • signs and symptoms may not be accounted for by disruptive home experiences or
    parental or carer mental or physical illness. [2011][2011]

Autism spectrum disorder in under 19s: recognition, referral and diagnosis (CG128)

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