Neurodivergent scheduling

3. August 2023

Neuronormative scheduling can set us up for failure – but what are the alternatives? Dear neurokin,   when scheduling an appointment or a social engagement and someone proposes a specific…

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A response to Peter Gray: children who seem to direct play aren’t tyrants – about harmful narratives that marginalise neurodivergent play

15. Juli 2023

I’d like to share my thoughts on a specific part of this post by advocate and researcher Peter Gray. It’s a post where Peter Gray, whose work on play and…

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Book Discussion of „A Day with No Words“ by Tiffany Hammond (long version)

13. Mai 2023

*See here for a shorter version. Today is the day: The children’s book „A Day With No Words“ by autistic author Tiffany Hammond is officially out. Today is also the…

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Book Review of A Day With No Words by Tiffany Hammond

12. Mai 2023

Short Version **For a longer discussion of this book, see here. A Day with No Words, by Tiffany Hammond is beautifully written, lovingly illustrated by Kate Cosgrove, and fills parts…

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„Their overdramatized ’scared jumps‘ they do when they hear my son grunt.“

8. März 2023

This is from a social media response to this important post by Fidgets and Fries whose online work I highly recommend. If you are on Substrack or Patreon, this is…

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Danny With Words powerful words on priming and possibilities

2. März 2023

If you aren’t already, I cannot recommend following Danny With Words enough. This post is a social media response to Danny’s list about the kinds of preparation and priming that…

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Nose-bubbles, respectful support for building competence and what „child-lead“ doesn’t mean

28. Februar 2023

This was originally a social media response response/addition to a this beautiful post by my friend and neurokin The Peaceful Swim Teacher that merges with things I’ve been wanting to…

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